Las Vegas Escorts Katrina


I love going downtown (in Vegas haha!) It's so much fun, the smells, sounds, lights and action give me energy. I have a secret place I like to go in Vegas which I can never get enough. Come with me to check out the Volcano show at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. It's one of the coolest and most under-rated attractions in Las Vegas. Talk about awesome sound and lights, this show will blow you away. The drum based sound track is by Mickey Hart, the drummer of the Grateful Dead. Let me tell you, if there is one thing The Dead know about it is drums and lighting effects. 

I'm A Hippie At Heart

My parents were hippies, I know all about it! I've inherited so much of that philosophy.  I love the idea of free love and lots of nakedness. Come be the phreaker by the speaker with me let's go see the show! I'll put on something super sexy. Call me now and we can meet up real soon. What happens after that is up to consenting adults ;>)

Let Me Be Your Tour Guide

I'm Katrina and I'm here to serve as your tour guide for this great city. We can get into a wide range of adventures. There are no limits when you are with me. Do you have lots of love to give? Of course you do. Now, you can lavish me with all of your affection.

Once the lavishing part is over, we can get into something a bit more ravishing. We can head downtown....if you know what I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter! I meant downtown in the city of Las Vegas. I also love to spend time at conventions. What can I say, I'm a versatile girl. If you're still curious and want to find out more about me, be sure to visit my profile at Vegas Fantasy Babes. And while you're there, if you like you can see my girlfriends profiles too. But I hope you pick me! LOL.